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"After working with so many families over the past several years who were navigating the maze of senior living options, I can tell you just how much hard work it takes to be a caregiver."

Over the past twenty years, I've had the profound privilege of guiding countless families through downsizing, aging in place, exploring senior living options, and the sensitive journey of managing a loved one’s estate. This experience has deepened my compassion and understanding for these unique challenges. 

My experience helped me when I had to sell my parents home in 2020 after losing my step-dad and searching for Memory Care for my own mother. This experience has deepened my compassion and understanding for these unique challenges. Witnessing the emotional and logistical hurdles firsthand, my approach is about weaving compassion and understanding into every step, ensuring life’s significant transitions are met with care and dignity. With a network of trusted resources, I am here to ease this process, support families in making informed decisions, and manage transitions with respect. 

Together, we'll honor your loved one's legacy and start a new chapter with grace.

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Senior-Focused Real Estate

Transitioning into the golden years of life brings about a new set of considerations, especially when it comes to living arrangements. Whether the goal is to downsize to a more manageable space or to upsize for a lifestyle that includes room for family, hobbies, or care, seniors focused real estate services are here to guide you through every step.

Our Agents at Valerie Upham Team offers you a unique perspective to help sell the family home as quickly as possible to make moving easier.

With Valerie and her staff having worked directly with seniors in Real estate industry, we are exceptionally well-positioned to understand the needs of seniors and families during a transition. We work to make the process as easy as possible for everyone involved while getting the home to market and sold in a timely fashion.


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Daughter's Experience in moving her senior father.

Father moved to memory care housing and you wouldn't believe what the Valerie Upham Realtor® did.


Downsizing with Ease

Many seniors opt to downsize to simplify their lifestyle, reduce maintenance responsibilities, and possibly to free up equity for retirement living. Downsizing doesn't just mean moving to a smaller space; it's about finding the right home that supports your current and future needs, ensuring accessibility, comfort, and convenience. Our expertise lies in understanding these unique requirements and matching you with properties that fit your vision of a carefree, yet fully engaged retirement life.


Upsizing for Comfort

When it comes to real estate for seniors, upsizing isn't just about more space—it's about enhancing comfort, accessibility, and lifestyle. Tailored homes with easy access, safety features, and room for family visits are in focus, ensuring a serene and fulfilling living experience in one's golden years.

Senior-Focused Real Estate

The Extra Mile

Sales and Marketing, Continued

No matter if the home or condo is worth $50,000 or $1,000,000, we use our considerable contacts with agents in our area to make sure it receives the quick attention of those with buyers looking for this type of property.

Project Coordination

Our service is perfect for those who have loved ones at a distance or have busy lives and need help managing all aspects of the transition and sales process.

Legal Service Referrals

We have a network of qualified elder law attorneys to whom we can refer any questions or needs.

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Not sure if now's the right time to buy or sell? Need a reliable contractor? We'd love to get to know more about you and your needs! Feel free to use any of the options here to get in contact with us!


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Valerie and her team have assisted hundreds of clients to reach their real estate goals. With fierce negotiation skills and extensive knowledge of the San Diego real estate market, they demonstrate a solid proficiency in handling every stage of the process.

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