Buyer Experience

Explore our comprehensive guide designed to simplify the home-buying process. We're here to guide you through every twist and turn of the buying process, so that you can sleep easy at night (in a home that you love ♥).

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Set Your Budget

Before beginning your search, your first step is to set a budget and get pre-approved for a mortgage loan (unless you will be paying the full price of your home in cash). Start by connecting with a lender you know and trust. Based on your income and credit history, the lender will determine how much a bank will lend you, which will help you determine the price range for your search and what to expect for monthly payments and downpayment requirements.

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Outline Objectives

  • What is your motivation to buy?
  • What is your timeline to move?
  • How long will you ideally own the property?
  • What are your ideal features and "non-negotiable"?
  • What are you looking for a neighborhood?
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Understand The Market

  • Analyze active, pending and sold transactions
  • Review example contracts and timelines
  • Determine timing and seasonal considerations
  • Understand market forces & supply vs demand
  • Discuss options for strengthening your position
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Create Your Search

  • We'll create an account for you on
  • Set search parameters
  • Browse and review online listings
  • Create a Compass Collection for listings of interests
  • Notification of new and off-market properties
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Tour Properties

Now is the time to consider your ideal home's location and amenities. You will attend viewing and open houses spanning a range of areas and property types. Additionally, we will activate notifications for exclusive Coming Soon and Off-Market properties as they hit the market.


  • Learn about the Purchase
  • Contract Discuss multiple-offer strategies
  • Negotiate price and terms
  • Acceptance of offer/counter-offers
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The Escrow Process



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