Exactly What to Role Play Game

This game is a fun and educational way for real estate professionals to practice their persuasion skills. The cards include examples of objections real estate agents may encounter and responses. While role-playing with others, players move from defending objections to overcoming obstacles and achieving their desired outcome. You’ll learn exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to make it count. It is also an engaging way for team leaders to train new agents and refresh existing agents on important real estate topics.

This set of cards includes phrases from Phil M. Jones' bestselling book Exactly What To Say: The Magic Words for Influence and Impact, provided with real-life scenarios. Go through the cards and learn how to best respond to objections, impress clients and close deals. 

Get a copy of the game cards at the link below and start unlocking the power of words! With the right words, you can create a positive impact - both in your work and in your life. Start your journey to becoming a master communicator and start having meaningful conversations with people around you.

About Valerie Upham

About Valerie Upham

San Diego Realtor® and Co-Creator of the Exactly What to Roleplay Game

Valerie is an accomplished real estate agent in Son Diego and was the catalyst for creating this Exactly What To Roleplay card deck. Collaborating with Phil, she has become proficient in creating elevated conversations with her team, clients, mastermind group, and loves to share that experience with other professionals. 
The Exactly What To Roleplay game creates a safe space to practice persuasion skills, overcome objectives, and hove fun with team members. A keen networker, Valerie is here to support your use of the cards and encourage you to run with your ideas. She's also looking to develop relationships with other experienced professionals across the globe to expand conversational skills and share business opportunities. 
Her mission in this collaboration is simple. 
She believes the right conversations can ethically influence people for the right reasons, and Exactly What to Roleplay Is the perfect tool to elevate conversations so professionals can master communications in the relationships that mean the most

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